Cobalt offers the online delivery of proprietary, therapeutically validated programs that improve outcomes, expand availability and decrease costs for behavioral health care. These online software solutions deliver cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) through interactive sessions.

Cobalt’s products can be delivered remotely and have been proven to be efficacious in the real world by researchers in academic settings, worldwide.

What is CBT?

CBT is a highly rigorous, specific and structured therapy. It has been widely studied for many diseases and for some of them has been proven to be extremely effective and the treatment of choice
In CBT we unlearn complex problematic behaviors that are detrimental to us and learn to substitute new helpful ones.

Cobalt’s CBT software are delivered in several sessions just like traditional therapy sessions with one big difference – they are available where those in need have limited access to expensive, specialty trained clinicians. Our programs can be overseen by primary care doctors, nurses, counselors as well as mental health workers. The company is managed and funded by a group with more than 100 years of mental health treatment and management experience.

Cobalt provides programs studied in clinical trials. These are often referred to as ‘randomized controlled trials’ which are the highest level of academic rigor available for proving efficacy. While our programs have demonstrated success in the same way as medications they have important differences including: no side effects and the attainment of new skills that enhance outcomes for the long run.

The Problem Cobalt Solves

Providing proven CBT programs for illnesses such as substance abuse, insomnia, depression and anxiety has remained a challenge for health care providers.

Cobalt’s programs and platform help a wide range of providers care for more patients in more places at lower cost. While this CBT is proven to work it has often been a challenge to deliver broadly due to a shortage of trained clinicians and geographic dispersion of those in need.