Cobalt Therapeutics

Cobalt Therapeutics helps you achieve the triple aim: Better Health, Better Care and Lower Costs.

Our team supports innovation and improvement to meet the customized needs of our partners through a process of providing proven, quality programs, outcome measures, utilization metrics, and reduced total cost for behavioral health.

Better Health

Cobalt Therapeutics seeks to better health – through integrating validated software that improves outcomes for behavioral health and primary care. Our software programs are designed to help patients better manage their conditions and improve quality of life.

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Better Care

Cobalt Therapeutics seeks to better care – we ease integration of behavioral care into any setting, including primary care, through increasing access to entire populations where cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) was previously unavailable or inaccessible.

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Lower Costs

Cobalt Therapeutics helps you lower costs while improving care. Our programs have demonstrated the capability to lower the total cost of care.

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